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Vendor Details

Signup as a Vendor, click here


Interested members/vendors, please reserve stall with a $ deposit (non-refundable for no-shows) by 2017!

Mail check to The SingMa Club, P.O. Box 910201, San Diego, CA 92191.

For more information, please email Joyce


General Guidelines

Vendor Responsibilties:


  1. Vendor is responsible for own stall setup (table, table cloth, stall signs, tickets container, etc.), cooking/serving apparatus, disposable bowls and/or plates and to-go containers for food, gas/propane stove, and clean up.

  2. Arrive at Admiral Baker Recreation Center as early as 9am and latest by 10am.

  3. Vendor will have a general area of up to 6ft x 2.5ft available for set up.

  4. Vendor should exercise good sanitary practices (wear gloves, wash hands, etc.).

  5. Typical turnout is about 300 to 400 people. Please prepare food 100 to 150 or more if you can manage.

  6. General dessert price is around $1 to $3 each and main dish is $5 each plate/serving.

  7. Request for types of food (no pork) to bring/sell will be considered on a first-come-first-serve basis.

  8. NO CASH SALES at event, customers will use tickets/coupons to buy food.

  9. Please submit totaled tickets/coupons collected to Singma Club at end of event or when food sold out.

  10. A check minus 15% of total gross sales will be issued to vendor after ALL tabulation of tickets, in 2 weeks.



SingMa Club:



  1. Singma Club will provide eating utensils (forks, spoons, knives, and napkins) dispensed at a common area.

  2. The 15% will be used to cover facility rental, utensils, clean up, event promotion and future events.




Venue's Pavillion Amenities


  1. There are limited electrical outlets for use. If needed, bring multiple outlet extension cord. Suggest that you bring portable gas stove as backup just in case.

  2. There are also faucets for general washing.

  3. Strictly prohibited glasswares or glass bottles and NO SMOKING.



Volunteers Needed!


We need volunteers to help make the event a success. We will provide 10 tickets as a token of appreciation and volunteer hours to high school students. If you are interested to volunteer, please email Li Cheng CHAI or signup here




See you at the Fair!

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