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Chinese New Year Banquet

Enjoy Chinese gourmet dinner and participate in tossing the uniquely Singaporean and Malaysian, Prosperity Salad called "Lou Hei", watch the lions dance to the beats of the thunderous drums and clanking cymbals and feed the playful lions with Lucky Money in red envelopes.

San Diego Dragon Boat Fest / Picnic

Come paddle and/or cheer for the SingMa Dragon family team at Mission Bay. There are teams from other communities including companies. Enjoy Asian cultural performances and sample exotic Asian cuisines at the food stalls. Bring your hot dogs and burgers to grill or a dish to share.

Independence Day Celebration 

Potluck with fellow country friends in joint National Day Celebration. Cook your favorite dishes to share and participate in games.

Hawkers Fair

Let your inner foodie out.  Share your passion for Singapore and Malaysia cuisine with others (recipe optional) by joining the hawkers' team or simply be a happy eater. SingMa entrees, snacks, desserts and beverages all at one place. Need say more?


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