About Us

The SingMa Club was established in 2003 for the purpose of providing Singaporeans and Malaysians living in San Diego

with a means to connect with each other and to provide opportunities to share our cultural heritage and pride in our traditions,

as well as, to provide opportunities for networking, both socially and for business.

SingMa Club is run by a group of dedicated volunteers who willingly donated their valuable time and resources for the good of the club.

We are a 501c(7) non-profit organization that relies solely on contributions from sponsors and nominal fees at events to sustain

the SingMa Club of San Diego.

Board of Directors

   Chairman       Nick LIM    

  Secretary        Trish ANG

         Treasurer        Li Cheng CHAI

Executive Team

President    Nick LIM

           Treasurer    Li Cheng CHAI 

        Secretary    Sandrina LEE



Trish ANG, Lawrence CHANG,

Karen CHEW, Ngang Heok TANG

Steven TEO