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Omega juicer; VSJ843 the best vertical slowest RPM juicer in the market with 15 year warranty!

You can order at Bed Bath and Beyond with 20% off coupon.  And since they don’t carry it in the store, they ship to your home for free.

> Square design – better because button is in front (I bought this)


> Round design – smaller than square, but button is at the back



Check out many youtube comparison of juicers and how to use the VSJ843 videos;


This guy also provides instruction on how to make almond milk.
Mandatory 4 ingredients**;
For two person every morning on empty stomach** (make sure everything is organic);
1)  2 organic carrots
2)  1 organic green apple
3)  1/2 organic lemon
1)  1 tsp organic shelled hemp seed OR organic, extra virgin, cold pressed and unrefined olive oil (Sprouts, Whole Food or available online at Amazon (hemp seed) or Amazon (olive oil), VitacostSwanson Vitamins, etc.)
Other ingredients**;
Vary based on your desired health benefits or health condition;
Organic spinach
Organic beet roots and leaves
Organic celery, cucumber, kale, red and green peppers, cilantro, parsley, pomegranate, tomatoes, etc. etc. (Costco or Sprouts) 
**We use organic to ensure we are not drinking pesticide on empty stomach. Also make sure you run boiled water over apple, lemon, cucumber and other non leafy produce to remove wax. In addition, please soak all leafy produce in alkaline water with a teaspoon of vinegar.
Customized Juice Recipe; 
This is a great site that provides juice recipe for different Health Benefits and Conditions. Eg. choose cancer prevention, or high cholesterol, etc. and a list of juice recipes appear!
Just add the four mandatory ingredients above if not in the recipe.


TIPS; For kids, start with more fruits first, eg. grapes, pomegranate, oranges, etc. Gradually add more veg. as they get adjusted to more greens.
The dangers of table salt;
Real Salt vs Himalayan Salt vs Celtic Salt
Top three recommended salt;
2)  Real Salt (Walmart, Walgreens or cheaper online at AmazonVitacostSwanson Vitamins, etc.) 
3)  HimalaSalt (Available online at Amazon,VitacostSwanson Vitamins, etc.) 
4)  Selina Naturally Celtic Salt (Available online at AmazonVitacostSwanson Vitamins, etc.)


Celtic sea salt pollution;
The ionic mineral (alkaline) water filter is;
Jupiter Science Venus Water Ionizer
Keep sugar, carbohydrates, alcohol, processed food and coffee to a minimum.
Good health to all!

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