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Mid Autumn Festival2.png
DATE   : 22 SEPT 2018 (SAT)
TIME    : 7.00 - 9.30 PM

530 - 700   Dinner at Pearl Chinese Cuisine (for those joining)

700 - 900   Welcome followed by Mid Autumn Festivities 
                    Activities include
                       1) Poetry Appreciation
                       2) Lantern Riddles
                       3) Lantern Crafting
                       4) Enjoy mooncake over hot tea
                       5) Moonlight stroll around Webb Park

915            Event ends


As Mid-Autumn / 中秋节 Festival approaches, it's one of the two biggest Chinese festivals where families gather for a reunion dinner. And as kids, we get super excited at the thought of lighting lanterns / tanglungs and playing it with our friends around the neighbourhood.

BYOL - Bring Your Own Lanterns, enjoy some mooncakes (maybe some snow skin musang king durian ones?) with some hot tea and music on the patio and go on a moonlight stroll around Webb Park once it gets dark under the moon when it's brightest and roundest at this time of year.

On how to make a simple lantern, check out this Youtube video.

OPTIONAL : Take the opportunity to come earlier to Pearl Chinese Restaurant for a reunion dinner with family and friends. 

If you are interested in joining us, do email to to RSVP with the following info :

  1. Name

  2. No. of people in party & No. of kids?

  3. Having dinner at Pearl (optional) Y/N

  4. Bringing your own lantern Y/N

We look forward to seeing you!


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