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Many Languages.Two Countries. One 'LAH'

Come join us, along with Malaysia Consul General Mr. Devrin Jeck and Singapore Consul General Mr. Darryl Lau, on 25th Aug (Saturday) with your family and friends to celebrate the National Day of both countries - Singapore (9 Aug) and Malaysia (31 Aug and with the 'new' Malaysia after the most recent gripping elections in 60 years).

Date   : 25 Aug 2018 (Saturday)

Time   : 530 - 900pm

Venue : Good Samaritan Episcopal Church, 4321 Eastgate Mall, San Diego, CA 92121


Fee : $5 per person + transaction fee (kids under 4 eat free)

        * nominal fee to cover venue & facilities rental


Nasi Lemak? Satay? Chicken Rice? Rendang? Kuih lapis? So many options LAH!

Bring a dish or two - Appetizer / Main / Dessert (of at least 8-10 servings) that you enjoy to share and who knows it may win 'Best Dish' and bragging rights for the year!


Baju kebaya? Cheongsam? Sari? Baju Melayu? Kurti? So many options LAH!

Come dressed in your traditional outfits to add to the festivities of showing off our rich culture and heritage.

How well do you know Malaysia and Singapore? We will be testing your knowledge in our TRIVIA section also LAH!



 530 - 600      Arrival of VIPs and All Guests

 605 - 630      Opening of event, followed by the singing of national anthems of Singapore,

                        Malaysia and USA

                        Welcome Speeches by Nick Lim, President of SingMa Club,
                        CG Darryl Lau of Singapore, CG Devrin Jeck of Malaysia


 630 -715       Potluck Dinner

 715 - 745      Table Game: Tikam Tikam

 800 - 810      Announcement of Best Dish and Presentation of Prizes

 815 - 835      Raffle Draw

 835 - 845      Group Photo-Taking

 850                End of Event

                                                           Thank you to our sponsors


Let's have a fun-feel good evening together, to share and connect over food and celebrating the culture and heritage of both nations. See you LAH! 

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